Excuse me Fall, GTFO

So I don’t know when DC summer decided to crawl into a hole and die, but I am not about it. Everyone is like oh it’s so lovely and I love the cool temps. VETO. Huge veto. While I enjoyed not dripping sweat on my AM one mile trek to the bus stop, I no likely the cold.

This leads me to the “fall, get the fuck out”, it’s summertime. LEAVE SUMMER ALONE.


I just wanted to share a story of this little mamasun (small, old Asian woman) that I have seen everyday this week. I switched up my schedule this week and I am now getting into work between 745 and 800 again, I got a little lazy during the summer months and started showing up at 830 and even SHOCK 845. So now that I have done this for five straight days, I have seen this little mamasun almost every time. She is so precious. I am pretty sure she is on her morning walk, but the best part is she is wearing a large white nike shirt that says “Too Fit to Quit” and is walking about 1 mile per hour. I need to snap a picture of her because its the cutest thing ever. Except for her lack of bra, that isn’t so cute.

Hope your weekend adventures are fun.

Take a walk, do some people watching 🙂


~ by Meels on Wheels on August 16, 2013.

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