“You would win a triathlon for hungover people”

Hola… Happy Monday (said no one ever).

So back to this triathlon training thing. 

On swimming: Slow and steady wins the race. I now feel comfortable swimming 20 minutes, which is about 4/10 – 1/2 mile for me. Feeling good about hitting the mile comfortably by the end of the month.

On biking: It has been determined that I need to buy a racing bike. Ouch, but kind of excited. I head out to Tri 360 in Falls Church today.

On running: Who knew interval training was the secret to success!? Ran 5.2 miles yesterday, hung over. Granted I felt like lead, but I still finished it up in 55 minutes. Also explored a new route which is always fun.

This brings me to the post title. My mom’s new boss thinks I am bat shit crazy for trying to train for an Olympic tri in 8 weeks. Without having swam for two years or run for 6+ months (due to injury), he is probably right. So I texted her on Sunday to tell him I just “crushed 5 miles hung over” to which he replied “you would win a triathlon for hungover people”, which is probably fairly accurate. Now i am kind of wishing this was a thing. The water wakes you up, you cruise on the bike and just struggle through the run and then eat A TON OF FOOD. 

That is my kind of triathlon… the one I’m signed up for, god help me.

~ by Meels on Wheels on August 12, 2013.

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