So way back when about this timeish last year, Tay Tay announced her tour dates. After going to her Speak Now concierto two years back with Faith (cousin), Kerri (friend) and Ally (friend of this friend), I knew I had to go again. At the time, my sister was dying to go, but she was only 9, not too young for tay tay, but maybe a little too young for awesome seats costing quite a bit.

When the Red tour rolled around, I figured the munchkin is nearly 11 and is still totally obsessed with Taylor Swift, I should buy tickets. But wait, who else wants to go? Faith, Kerri, plus two other cousins Kenz and Megan (younger sister, and turning a teenager just weeks before the Red Tour hit Mass) were definitely in, although many of them would be receiving tickets as a surprise. Eventually I got my butt online and tried to order reasonable tickets (failed) and ordered them anyways.

Then Christmas Eve came. Lexi knew she was receiving her birthday present then since I had not been home for hers. I stuffed the paper tickets into the Red CD case and wrapped it all up. The whole fam gathered in the living room, already knowing what the gift was and waiting to see the reaction. She opened it, kind of smirked, like “oh, I already have this and should like, totally know that”. So I urged her to open it, and then she went crazy! There was screaming, there were many tears of joy and hugging, and then I started to cry! It was a very emotional gift giving, tay tay experience. Of course, then she had to wait eight months to go to the concert!

Finally the day came and the six of us squeezed into a car for the trip up to Foxboro. Taylor gave a great show and there were more tears of joy from our crew.

group tay swift2

( Made super cute using instagram and picmonkey )

me and lex tay swift


( My favorite sista )

And yes, I am wearing a sequined red, white and blue cowboy hat.



~ by Meels on Wheels on August 8, 2013.

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