“Looking in the rear view, swaggga going swell”

Some tunes for you and a story about how stupid I can be sometimes…

I mean if that title isn’t good writing… I’m not sure what is.

Just popped on to write about how you should not bike ride on four hours of sleep and talk on the phone at the same time. I won’t lie, I talk on the phone via headphones sometimes while cruising in bike lanes (not the street, because they will inevitably lead to me getting hit by a car). So I am chatting away with Momsies because it was her birthday yesterday and just cruising along… suddenly I look up and I’m on the key bridge breezing towards M st.

The Key bridge connects you from Rosslyn to Gtown. I was trying to go from Arlington to the National Mall, I missed the 14th st. about two+ miles back the opposite direction. And now I was about to cruise into Georgetown in the peak of rush hour. Oh joy.

I know we have all been there… total brain fart… added an unnecessary 20+ minutes on travel… on MY BIKE.



On the way home (late!) to Crystal City, I managed to make the right move home. This was a bonus, because damn it got dark fast after softball!


~ by Meels on Wheels on August 1, 2013.

5 Responses to ““Looking in the rear view, swaggga going swell””

  1. Hey pretty lady- I just wanted to reach out to ya and let you know that I still religiously read your blog and love it. And to say- don’t feel too bad about your mishap- I do dumbass things like that all the time haha. I’m going back to the South Shore this weekend and will be sure to down a Marylous iced in your honor.

    • Oh thank you! I still religiously follow yours and am always jealous of your gym! I am currently gym-less, womp. I hope you had a very tasty minty lou – or something else from their awesome menu.

      I miss the ocean there all day everyday.

      • I had a creamy chocolate coconut soooo mission accomplished haha. Will got to experience nantasket during the day for the first time and see his first ever tide pool (lol).

  2. Just introduced to your blog, and this first entry cracks me up. It’s like you’re taking a page from my own book. You gotta take those moments and just enjoy the ride right? Hopefully you weren’t in a huge time crunch and were able to enjoy what seems to be a beautiful night!

    • Luckily I was early to something for once… otherwise it would have turned into even more of a production and a lot of fast pedaling!

      Very excited you have landed on my blog – just started following yours!

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