Living Young and Wild and Free

At work we have an instant messaging system that allows us to only talk to people who work for our company. It’s both super useful for work and procrastination. My coworkers have told me when I type and they read my “pings” (IMs, messages), they read like I am talking to them. Somehow in the way I write, I channel “Camille” speak. Anyone who has heard me talk knows that I jump topics, occasionally drops a few Rs and am generally speaking with a tinge of sarcasm and a whole lot of excitement.

When I went back and read my first blog, the Camille speak is all over it. Through my travels in Europe and the three months after it (trying to lose the 15 lbs of croissant weight I gained), I wrote in another blog. It was called Meels on Wheels as I was very much in motion. Now I’m just a city gal, hitting the nine to five and trying to enjoy “Summer Camp”… this is what I am calling all the fun activities that one can afford to do in the summer with a job. (My summer camp involves a lot of biking, softball, pool and white wine.. just like when we were kids). And city life has its serious perks, getting to really enjoy the city and time with my friends and developing my career (oh blah blah to that one) are fun. But that meels on wheels side of things… it’s creeping over into CD in DC territory, tempting me with croissants and that time I laid out in the gardens outside the Louvre smoking a cig and reading off my ipad (Yeah, that happened). I think mostly Europe is calling out to me, strongly from the other side of the Atlantic. This may lead to this blog being named where is the world is Camille David?


( Italia )


 ( DC Ladies Night )

To adventures,


~ by Meels on Wheels on July 19, 2013.

One Response to “Living Young and Wild and Free”

  1. we have the same IM thing – i personally love it. laziness at its finest. haha

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