Food for Thought

So my company is sponsoring a “Biggest Winner” Challenge, where teams of three compete to lose 25 lbs total and win a bunch of prizes. Also since we are desk bound for the majority of the day, it is helpful to inspire fellow coworkers to eat healthy and move about in the office (as much as we can), but mostly afterwards. I am on a team where I am losing a little bit of weight, but mostly I am trying to eat better / maintain better portion control / try not to eat mac n cheese every weekend. You know, the usual. Unfortunately I am not a big salad person, lettuce with stuff on top, not really my thing. So I have tried out the following recently:

Salad, but not Salad 1

Cherry Tomatoes (1/2 quart)

Avocado (1/4)

Cucumbers (About 3 Persian)

Balsamic Vinagrette to taste, usually 1 tsp per serving.

(Makes enough for 3-4 servings, about 1 cup each)

Salad, but not Salad 2

Shrimp (1/4 lb)

Avocado (1/4)

Cucumbers (About 3 persian)

Red Onion (1/2 cup)

Over Romaine Lettuce

Some other things that have been keeping me happy:



This is a small breakfast so I usually follow it up with a bigger snack around 10am. The watermelon was only 5 dollars, the mangoes 10/$10. The strawberries (the one fruit I consistently buy organic due to its location on the clean 15), were $6/quart at Eastern Market which is kind of pricey. They won’t be purchased this week!


English Muffin, 1/2 Banana, 1 tbsp PB

Mid morning snack – powers you through morning work. I highly recommend.


Zucchini Boat (Adapted from Pinterest)

Ground turkey, white rice and diced peppers/onions. Those are left overs red potatoes roasted on the side. This was amazing! Next time I make it I will record some pics to post the recipe.

Enjoy your week.


~ by Meels on Wheels on May 13, 2013.

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