WWW: Can’t Make this S*%t Up

You really never know when work is going to throw you a curveball. Suddenly you are doing a million things, the next minute, nada. This week, the wildness revolves around two events in particular.

1. I was referred to as “honey child” by one of the pancake factory workers. Oh honey child, to be exact. This was as she was explaining an in depth story about her step daughter to us. Apparently, the real mom in the situation didn’t like that the girl was dating a white guy. (They are married with two kids, so she might want to hurry up and get over that on, but I digress). I believe the exact phrase ” Was oh honey child, I don’t know what she was thinking”.

2. My coworker and I ran into the head of the Pancake Factory in the cafeteria. We have never met him before and he was advising us to buy the chili. He is in charge of all personnel in all the factories across the country so he is kind of a big deal. We were a little star struck as he was telling us about the texture of the chili that day. Since my coworker writes comms for the factory, a lot of her work is certify by him. So she introduces the both of us and we proceed to the check out line. This is where the normal stops.

So my coworker tries to pay for her 2.00 of snacks with a 5 and the cashier can’t make change. So the head of the factory pops open his wallet in order to pay for her or make change or something. So he pockets the five and pays for her stuff. We begin to walk away as we realize we did not get any change from our five! So she turns around to the guy and points it out! And he goes, oh shoot, here is your money and then the cashier gives us seven cents. I have no idea what was going on.

Then we get in the elevator with this guy and another employee. My coworker says “Oh sir, we always see your picture around, it was great to be able to meet you” or something like that. And he goes “which one? I hope it wasn’t the one with me in bikini… or my leopard thong!” Now I am laughing, trying not to burst out laughing which is difficult for me. I literally have my hand over my mouth because this man, so high up in factory management just referred to himself in a leopard thong.

At least we got some free snacks and an entertaining afternoon.

3. Last night at happy hour I was trying to explain how my brother and I used to make my Mom breakfast in bed. Our go to was fresh squeezed orange juice. In an attempt to explain why the process was somewhat perilious, I said you have to use a knife to cut the juicies. Not fruits. Why didn’t I say fruits? I have no idea.

girls_happy hour



~ by Meels on Wheels on May 10, 2013.

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