Upcoming Fun

Well I am in recovery mode from my trip to Florida, also know as the “I think I am eighteen and in college” tour. 

( @ da club )

However my accounting skills stayed with me, some may also refer to these as the Arab genes that make me more prone to haggling. No freaking way were all the freshman babies paying 20 bucks to enter da club. We teamed up with another school to get a five dollar discount on every munchkin under 21. For the win. There will be more updates to come :). 

The real upcoming fun is my future weekly (ok, you know everything I try to do weekly fails, but really, maybe this one time…) guest poster. It is none other than the boyfriend. Now, he is coming to the blog on his own accord. No I am not bribing him with weekly Chipotle (or Taylor’s). As some of you may know he is almost one year into a graduate program at GW, studying Exercise Science, with a specialization in Strength and Conditioning. Currently he is an assistant strength coach at GW and he knows his stuff. He is going to be taking questions from friends, family and athletes to answer here on the blog! His first post is going to be later this week, likely to pop up on Thursday or Friday so stay tuned.

Hopefully you can get big & strong like the AU cheer alum!

Also if you have a question about anything exercise, nutrition  training, recovery etc. related, feel free to email him at mjfalkenham@gmail.com. 



~ by Meels on Wheels on April 15, 2013.

One Response to “Upcoming Fun”

  1. gosh the trip sounds amazing, nothing like some sun bathing.

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