Walking on Sunshine

Don’t you love it when the weather gets nicer and all of sudden everyone is super happy? Ok, super happy at work may be an overstatement but something about spring colors and open toed shoes does a lot for people. Things that also come with good weather: no stockings and shorter skirts/dresses. Ladies, remember, you are in a work place, keep it classy.

Anyways, I am trucking through 2.75 days of work til I leave for Daytona. This is where my cheer team competed for the four years I was in college. Michaela and I (along with about 10 other alum) are going down there to watch cheerleading and drink from buckets. There will be peel and eat shrimp and oh did I mention, lots and LOTS of cheerleading. 

And now a free throw backs…



2012 – Beach photos


2011 – We were in a pool competition and announced as America College

2011 – Sassy by the Pool

2010 – Thigh Stands by the beach

2009 – First Year of Competition… those bows

~ by Meels on Wheels on April 9, 2013.

2 Responses to “Walking on Sunshine”

  1. Jealous! Have a blast.

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