WWW: Weird Things I Do at Work

  • I sit cross legged in my chair at work. My whole team finds this super weird probably because they (a) cannot sit cross legged since they are men and super inflexible or (b) their legs are too long to fit between the arms in the chair. I actually am a little sad when I wear dresses my legs are down and crossed.
  • I listen to Netflix. Yes, listen. On days where I have more mundane activites (read: bitch work), I throw on Grey’s Anatomy in the background. It’s usually pretty fast paced and keeps me awake. But let’s face it, it’s weird.
  • In my seven months of work, which amounts to approximately 150 days or so, I have bought lunch less than 20. Most of my coworkers are probably on the opposite side of that ratio. They buy the caf food (woof) or order out. I spend about ten dollars on lunch per week, versus a possible 50-60.
  • I hit happy hour with my coworkers most fridays of the month – what can I say? They are all 22-30 and super fun.


~ by Meels on Wheels on April 4, 2013.

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