As some of you readers may know, Matthew and I took our first vacation together EVER. Now, we have gone a few places with family, the most notable being: NYC, Western Mass for ziplining, and Atlanta (to visit my family). You may be thinking, four years and never a single weekend away! Well we were broke college students for the first 3+ years. The first year of that, we were visiting each in South Carolina and DC since we were apart. Then the summers were spent on Cape Cod, which is just like a vacation. Beach and boating and your dad grilling? I am not about to leave that. Oh also, I ran off to become a cheerleader in college and had no weekends off. That kind of put a damper on things. So now, almost four years in, we had a weekend getaway! And I could not have asked for anything better.

We bused to Atlantic City after work on Friday and got to Harrah’s around 10pm after a delayed bus ride + traffic. We were enjoying AC this weekend with Genna and Will, so we stopped at their room to say hi. Then the purchasing of an energy drink was necessary before hitting the tables! That night Matthew had a lost of success and was up almost three hundred dollars. I blew through 100 in less than 45 minutes and was sad.

Gambling Rules: 100/person per night. No gambling at the same time to minimize losses and expand the fun. I highly recommend these rules if you are taking a trip to AC.

Saturday morning we had brunch with Genna and Will. See awesomeness below:


Then hit the pool!


( Glass ceiling, so pretty )


( The best pool in AC )






( Most amazing drinks – Icy Pink lemonade and Blueberry Lemonade )

That afternoon, we got drunk by the pool, took a nap, and hit the tables quick before dinner at Luke Palladino. Um yum. I had the Seafood Mixed Grill with homemade spaghetti side. Yeah, it was awesome.


I tried to eat super slow to make it last longer, it was that good. Seasonings, perfectly cooked. I want to eat it right now. Matthew had the Chicken Marsala and normally I am stealing food off his plate, but not at this dinner. I was all about my mixed grill and pasta.

After dinner we headed downstairs to …. gamble of course! I was super sad because I lost money and was down to my last thirty dollars. Then I hit thirty five dollars in my first slot machine! I was pumped. I had been doing crappy at Craps at Blackjack all weekend. Finally we headed back to a table I had been at before and BAM. I started winning. I took that 65 up to almost 500. I ended up walking away with 450, up 250 from where I started the weekend. It was awesome! (and super addictive).


( By the shore)


( Bally’s Casino – so Funky )

We said goodbye to Will and Genna after they dropped us in downtown AC. We walked along the boardwalk and checked out the shops at the Pier before heading to the outlets. I spent every dollar I had made on blackjack the night before in Banana, Loft and Nike (of all places – this is the one I spent the most in). I feel like all the clothes I buy are for work but I got some good work out clothes and some shorts for Daytona (which is next week – crazy).

We had lunch at Applebee’s which was soooooo good. Don’t judge, it’s always delicious. We wrapped up the day by throwing away 20 bucks in the Bally slot machines and downloading a movie on Matt’s ipad in the apple store. This ended up being super clutch on our FIVE HOUR bus ride home. We saw This is 40 which made me appreciate being 22 that much more.


~ by Meels on Wheels on April 3, 2013.

3 Responses to “#howwedoAC”

  1. Next trip: SACRAMENTO!

  2. What a fun weekend away! I had no such luck when I was gambling @ Ballys two years ago when I was there to run the marathon. Lucky you though girl!!

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