WWW: Codes & Slugging

Codes ‘n’ Stuff

Today I was informed that one of the main IT systems we use at the pancake factory has been locked for any major updates. You want to know why? The code used to write the program is so ancient that only one person alive knows how to make the proper updates. Unfortunately he works with a different company now and can’t really help us anytime we need to run a query or make an adjustment. I wish I was kidding. The rest of these coders are long dead, which the second to last guy dying in the past year.

The Process of Slugging

This second WWW entry is something I meant to write about a long time ago. Once I was leaving work and just barely missed the shuttle. I checked my phone only to find out I would be waiting 15 minutes before I would be able to get to the metro. That sucks. Luckily these two people about to jump into their car were like “where are you going?”. I said Pentagon and then they replied “hop in, we are going to pick up some sluggers”. I was like whaaaaat? Instead I got in the car (yeah I have done with before coming from work – we do really great security checks at Pancakes are US). They explained to me that they need three people in order to drive in the HOV lane out to their homes in VA. So instead of sitting in traffic, people line up at the pentagon to be picked up by the many cars trying to do the same thing.

This phenomenon has existed in the DC area since the late seventies. Basically you get picked up in the morning in designated slugging areas, like a bus stop or outside a mall and then ride for free into designated areas in the city. The pentagon, since about 20,000 people work there, is a very popular destination. The only thing about slugging, you act like a slug. You are expected not to talk while in the car unless the driver addresses you. Taking calls would be a no-no. However reading and catching up on emails, totally acceptable. Did I mention that it is free?

So now some of my people readers may be thinking… kidnapping! Well there has never been a reported incident in the 30+ years. People respect the system. It saves them tons of time. You can sit in traffic trying to leave DC for an hour… this way people’s commutes are reduced down to 45 minutes of high way time. And the supply of cars and slugs is seemingly endless. But when it comes down to it, it is kind of weird. With all of our stranger danger you would think the system would have died out when it has in fact become stronger. 


~ by Meels on Wheels on March 27, 2013.

2 Responses to “WWW: Codes & Slugging”

  1. HOLD UP is this a real thing? This kind of cracks me up.

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