Eats and Feats

I thought this title would make for a good weekly post… but we all know how well I do with weekly posts. Anyways I wanted to share some power packed meals that I ate over the past few days. I also wanted to include a workout or two I am proud of! Although really any workout conducted on a Saturday is considered a feat for me.


Turkey burgers (Makes 8 burgers – I freeze half for the following week)

1-1.3 lbs Ground Turkey

1 can beans (whatever is on hand – I used Pinto)

1/2 frozen spinach

About a cup of finely chopped onions


1. Saute onions in a little olive oil.

2. Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Mash everything together and then make patties, usually about the size of your palm. Make sure you flatten them or else they will not cook evenly.

3. Spray down a grill pan (if you have one) and grill em up. Takes about 10 minutes.

Just Like Taylors Breakfast Hoagies

If you have not experienced the wonder that is Taylor Gourmet I suggest you get your but over there… now. It is easily the best sandwich place in DC. Now, I have not tried that many sandwich places, but it’s amazing. Chicken cutlet, pesto, goat cheese and roasted red peppers – the sandwich has changed my life. Then there are the breakfast sandwiches – delicious and super cheap. However you have to get there by 11am. Now, we live literally a block from Taylors but by the time I am up, tidied up the apartment from Friday or Saturday night and gotten dressed… it’s usually 10:45am. No good. This is exactly what happened on Sunday. Instead Matthew and I headed to Safeway around that time. We had left over hoagie rolls from last week and upon coming home realized exactly what we were going to do with them. Cue 3 breakfast sausage, four eggs, about 3/4 cup Mexican cheese. See the masterpiece below, paired with OJ and a mango.


( Matthew’s Just Like Taylors )



( Mine – 2 eggs, 1 breakfast sausage patty, 1/3 cup cheese )



My Saturday morning Workout:

Bike 8 miles on Random in 38 minutes. Run 1.5 miles in 15 minutes.

Now, this may not seem super stellar but the “brick” is an essential to triathlon training, which I am currently kind of doing. I started loosely training at the beginning of March, just trying to build some endurance. That’s why I am proud of this feat! I did cardio for almost an hour and didn’t die – super success. I will continue building endurance until Mid April and then start speeding things up a bit. Hopefully by then all of this will be outside! I am SICK of SNOW and ICE and RAIN and WINNNND. I am really sick of commuting in the elements! Bring on the sunshine and sweat!

Any great eats or feats to share? Leave a comment (with a link if you have one). 

Happy Monday betches. 


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