So I have never done a WIAW (What I ate Wednesday) post, mostly because I ate a lot of random stuff and I think it’s weird to photograph my food at lunch. However this Wednesday I ate super healthy and all the meals happen to be way awesome so I figure I would share if you need some new inspiration. I usually follow this schedule fairly closely during the weekdays, except I usually don’t eat breakfast at work. I worked really late on Monday night so I was still recovering from lack of sleep. I slept in til 700 and was out the door by 715 for my morning commute. Since you can’t eat on the metro that meant I had b-fast over morning emails.

Breakfast (8am at work)

Greek Yogurt, Blueberries, A whole Banana, Some oats, two Tbsp of cranberry and dark chocolate granola (by Kind), A wee bit of flax seed, chia seeds and crushed almonds.

First time I have eaten breakfast in awhile where I didn’t have a morning snack. Normally I have this massive bag on raisins in my cube that I dig into. It’s from Cost Co, I highly recommend it.

Lunch (12pm at work)

Corn Chowder, Home made hummus (look out for recipe!), carrots, triscuits

Snack (3:00pm at other officer)

10 almonds

1 cup of popcorn

Snack (5:45 pm at home)

A few carrots

3 triscuits

1/2 a muffin (home made)

Workout (6:15 pm @ Primal Fitness)

Warmup: Quick Jog, 2x 10 Overhead Squats, 10 pushups, 15 Kettle bell swings – 12kg, stretch

Front Squat 3×8 @ 63lb

Bench Press 3×8 @ 58lb (Struggling!)

3 Super sets:

12 Ring Rows

12 Close grip pushups (on knees)

Dinner (8:00 pm)

photo (7)

1 pear
8 Asparagus stalks with olive oil, salt, fresh ground pepper
about 4 oz of cod with cracker, lemon crumble

The best part about this dinner: 5 minutes of prep time. The down side, I was a tad hungry going to bed, but since I was tired I passed out. Oh at 9:30 pm.

Quick Instructions:

  1. Buy cod and asparagus (last week, both were on sale – Cod for $6 and that portion of asparagus for $1.50, lemon for 79c).
  2. Oven to 350.
  3. Asparagus in a pan. A little olive oil and sea salt. Use mortal and pestal (sp?) or grinder to crush freshly ground pepper.
  4. Cod in a pan (different one). Crush some crackers, whatever you have on hand, but preferably something bland. Squeeze lemon. LOTS OF LEMON. We had just under 1 lb of cod and you should use at least 1 lemon. You want the crackers to be pretty soaked. Watch for seeds.
  5. Cod in for 30 minutes. Asparagus only need about 15-20 mins so wait to put them in.
  6. Serve! Add some rice or a pear, whatever you have around.




~ by Meels on Wheels on March 21, 2013.

One Response to “WIAW. OMG.”

  1. yummy! i love pears!

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