Weekend Wonders

I feel like my weekends in March have been pretty great but this last one was definitely blog worthy. It started with the Wizards and ending with me beating Matt in NHL on the PS3. Really who could ask for more? Also, Matthew’s brother Ryan was in town so it was double the Falkenhams


( Jump roping crew, Ridiculous half time show, better than the game )


( Beer Sippy Cup… So not ok )


( Wish I could think of a good enough caption for this photo )


( Baby Races, one of the many events at the FREE Health fair this weekend )


( Baby in lane 1 dominated )


( Trying to do way too much in the kitchen, this flip pad controls all moods at our apt )


( What to do, what to do… )


( Bahh Crawl )


( Eggs, Bacon and hasbrowns, best breakfast I have had in DC, $11 at Cafe Dupont )


( French Toast, only $12 )


( Brothers at Dupont Circle )


( First picture of us in months, for being camera happy I am not doing a great job of documenting our relationship )

I love my weekend posts because it gives me a place to remember what happened! Don’t judge, I am getting old. Also don’t judge me for it being Wednesday already. I worked til midnight on Monday which meant Tuesday night was a super early night.



~ by Meels on Wheels on March 20, 2013.

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