Tacos! And the Bolognese…

While I wish it was Taco Tuesday, this recipe plan came from a Men’s magazine and they don’t care for alliterations apparently. Which is totally fine by me, I guess we can have tacos on Wednesdays.

Before I go on about how great my boyfriend is cooking me dinner ever night and all that jazz, a small side note. For some god awful reason I decided to drop this week. Yeah, cold turkey. So on Saturday I drank a teeny little iced coffee and then Sunday I slept til noon. It wasn’t it until late that the headache snuck up on me and I have to down a few advil before heading off to bed. I proceeded to spend Monday and Tuesday absolutely dead body at work. But by Wednesday some natural body caffeine starting taking over, and today with only seven hours of sleep I feel fine… It’s so weird. I totally don’t recommend it. Drink the coffee, it’s awesome.

Back to the tacos. Sure we have made tacos before, but these had a little something extra. First the proper layers. 1st layer – easy – chicken. Beans that came straight out of the pan and are mashed up and yummy. Third layer is a chipotle sauce (Made by the Man). Finally top with a little cheese or sour cream. Unfortunately, all of this is supposed to go on tortillas. We purchased tortillas, at 2.50 for 30. Should have known better. They were corn tortillas, totally different that flour tortillas. So I ended up eating mine without the tortillas, very good as well. Best part – 30 minutes.

wed cooking

( Hard @ work )

wed prep

( Final Prep )

wed taco

( Right, you wish you had come for dinner this week )

Another meal that happened on Thursday – took 30 minutes. Bolognese Sauce over Linguini with Mozzarella cheese. OMG. YUM. I have it for lunch, my stomach literally just perked up and was like ‘yo, give me da pasta’. (Despite the fact that I have eaten 100 raisins and a mini muffin, I can still feel hunger for this meal this morning). It comes highly recommended by the men folk as well. Also takes only about 20 minutes! The only thing that confuses me about it: it calls for 1 lb of pasta for one man for dinner. Um, excessive? We had one lb between three people with lb of sausage cooked it and there were left overs. Who is this man that men’s health and fitness is trying to food?!

thurs close

( Up close and personal with the pasta )

thurs pasta


( After we all had a serving – the most pasta )


thurs boys

( Boys, post pasta, not pictured… beers and munchies )

have a good weekend 🙂


~ by Meels on Wheels on March 15, 2013.

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