Sausage Tuesday, is there a better kind of tuesday?

The boyfriend has redeemed himself! SO MUCH YUM!

At first I was very optimistic, given that the boy has cooked sausage a bunch of times, and it always tastes good. However, this required a different kind of sausage with some veggies in a roll. Woah now. I also requested veggies on the side, because I am so needy (and trying this thing my parents referred to as “eating your vegetables” – sighhhh).

Then I was concerned. I came home at 7:30 and the sausage was frozen – it was kind of a key ingredient. However he rallied (with help of a trusty friend, the microwave) and cooked the sausage perfectly. I had mine with the green peppers, onions, and mustard on the toasted roll. Um, total yum. I wanted like three but there the first was super filling.

sausage tuesday

( Cooked Sausage with Veggies )

veggies tuesday

( Cooked Zucchini & Mushrooms, easiest veggie EVER )

This is part of a series done by Men’s Health and Fitness: Shop Once, Eat for a Week:

Thus far – I go thumbs up to the sausage and stick to chicken breasts when it comes to roasting the chicken. Like, roasting a chicken? Not a necessary skill for my Matthew. And whenever he seasons chicken – it tastes AHmazing.

Have a sausage hero tonight 🙂




~ by Meels on Wheels on March 13, 2013.

One Response to “Sausage Tuesday, is there a better kind of tuesday?”

  1. Looks like Matthew cooked a great meal! Now I want to eat sausage next Tuesday, if not earlier 😀

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