Boyfriend takes on the Kitchen, Part 1

So the BF has the entire week off from school and work… yes I hate him. I am super jealous and I want to chill and get things done and read and all that. The only thing I can take solace in… it’s not pool weather, it’s actually downpouring rain, like cats and dogs raining. And I am inside, and semi cozy with the baby space heater on at work. 

Since the boyfriend was going to be home all week and looking for things to do, I presented him with a challenge. Cook dinner. EVERY NIGHT. FOR A WEEK. rut roh!

I was on pinterest (of course) and came across a “meal plan for men”. It was posted on men’s health and fitness and it seemed easy enough while still including some medium difficulty cooking procedures. Also it claimed to cost under 50 dollars, which it did. The most expensive part of that is the meat, coming in around 28 dollars… however we were attempting to feed two people and it is very Meat/protein heavy. 

Needless to say I came home, the apartment was filled with smoke and this guy was sitting on the counter:



( Awwwww, poor raw chicken )

I was very proud nonetheless, as the boyfriend salvaged the meal. He cut up the chicken and baked the remaining pieces which were quite good. The veggies (peppers, onions and tomatoes) were baked as well and tasted really good in my rice pilaf.

On the menu tonight: Sausage Heros. He is definitely going to dominate.

Stay tuned for more.



( Hopefully there is this much love @ the end of the week. )


~ by Meels on Wheels on March 12, 2013.

One Response to “Boyfriend takes on the Kitchen, Part 1”

  1. this is a nice treat! I think anyone, including myself, would kill for that.

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