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There comes a point in relationships or friendships where you cease being just friends, you somehow seamlessly morph into family. As we all know, these relationships are rare, they are gems. They happen in the strangest ways, that when you look back over the years and think “that’s how we met? We had that fight? You didn’t like me in the second grade?”, those thoughts seem unimaginable.

In the essence of Valentine’s day, I feel like I should use the boyfriend as an example. Matthew and I met in the summer of 2005. His family has a beach house next to my uncles. I have been going to this beach since day five of my life, Matthew since age 10. His mother’s family used to go down the cape in the summers, but to Falmouth. They finally settled on house off an unpaved lane in West Hyannis Port. We were introduced that summer because my cousin and his sister were the same age and thick as thieves, still are (can be a little scary sometimes!). We talked about boating and tubing and stupid high school stories and matthew’s bad ass pick up truck and rock music and then eventually really bad rap. For four years.

Then suddenly it’s been four years of us dating, four Valentine’s days. We are like family, our families are like family. I can’t pinpoint that moment when that happened. I don’t know when we turned from talking about offshore waters to hopes and dreams and the future and the years to come at that beautiful beach. I don’t know when that shift happened with any of those close people in my life, especially my closest girl Friends. We just click as friends and then one day we are sisters, this girls I would do anything for. We need to cherish those friendships and all the other relationships we hold dear in our life. Whether it be life, love, work, church, team… You never know when you are going to need that support system. Be good to it. Be good to those around you. Even though some of these relationships come and go (for anyone in consulting our work and teams change a LOT), they are important. You need to have those people that get you. Sometimes you just need them and when you need them, that support system you loved and hold dear, they will be there for you.

To the love of my life Matthew, my family and my cherished family- my friends, happy valentine’s day. I love you and you mean everything to me.

~ by Meels on Wheels on February 15, 2013.

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  1. This struck a chord with me, maybe it is because someone we both were and I think you are so close to lost someone so close. This is so true though, there comes a point where even when distance is there the past reminds you that the relationship was so great.

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