Workout Buddies (My first “blogging adventure”)

Hello friends!

Now some of my devout followers might be expecting a post about what i did what the potatoes this week… unfortunately you are going to have to wait until tomorrow! Today I am linking up a post with other readers of the HappyKayliePlace and participants in the “Workout Buddies” program. I have never done anything like this in my blogging thus far (or in my old blog). I am really excited to tell you about my experience with workout buddies thus far!

I was paired with Renea before Christmas and we were to introduce ourselves before Jan 1 rolled around and set a time to email each week. We would share goals and hopefully the motivation to workout through the cold winter months would follow. It did! In the beginning of the month, Renea and I were both sick (myself with the stomach flu) and got back on track, a little later than most people in the new year, together. While the first week back from the stomach flu was slow, I found myself thinking, I am now accountable to someone. Even though I have never met her, I was eager to say “OH i worked out three times this week!”.

My goals included:

  • Workout four times a week
  • Only eat out once a week
  • Workout while I was away (NYC)

2/3 weeks I hit the four times a week… unfortunately this last week I hit like 2.5 (If you are wondering how you can have half a workout, it is possible). I did feel like those times I got home later from work though, I was being motivated to still hit the gym, even if it was for 45 minutes and not a longer workout. (Also, I am highly motivated to cardio when there is good tv on… or trash tv… My faves in this category being The Vampire Diaries and The Biggest Loser). Renea was also getting into running so that was helpful. Since I took  a break from the gym I pay for, I have been using the smaller gym in my apartment and the outdoors. We were both working up to running more and this time I didn’t over do it by running like 15 miles the first week and then dying via shin splits. Slow and steady progress from late December to now led me to 3.8 miles yesterday around the district (and past the white house!). And it led to a run in Long Island while I was away… this legit never happens. Thanks Renea!


( Metro stop #1 I ran by of total 2 )

Anyways, I did not make the goal of only eating out once of week, but it has definitely gone down. For some reason the weekend is my downfall, which makes no sense. That is the time I have to cook more. Who knows. I blame Matthew for wanting to order Pizza, Chipotle and Taylor Gourmet 6/7 days of the week. Ok, and I blame me for going along with it!

It was a great experience and a nice way for me to start doing a little more in the blogging world. I just starting chatting with my new buddy and I am excited for february! Ok, I am not excited for february because it’s cold, but I am excited to continue with workout buddies and see how a new person gets their healthy living on. Also I could probably use some more tips after the bottle of pinot grigio I drank on friday night, that paired nicely with tequila.

On another note… really wish I had received the email about a 2 hour delay before I was on the metro to work. Betches.


~ by Meels on Wheels on January 28, 2013.

3 Responses to “Workout Buddies (My first “blogging adventure”)”

  1. whoa look at you! you blogger you

  2. I am so glad you had a great experience with Workout Buddies! Sorry you got sick- I hope you’re feeling better!

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