WWW: Didn’t you know? Pancakes are in Season.

Now  I know today is thursday and this post probably won’t make it out til friday, at the rate I am going this week. I have a to do list like seven miles long (work and personal) and I haven’t been using a planner. This is probably why I feel like a seven year old who just had like three pixie sticks. I have been drinking starbucks coffee, aka jet fuel and not writing things down – I think everyone I work with has learned this is a scary combination. Also I cannot stop talking about how I want to order food. Even though I pledged to only eat out once this week.. which I am pretty sure is an impossible feat. Anyways, I’m on the coffee crack and my teeny brain cannot keep up. Beware, this WWW post is gonna be a ramble. 

So I can’t really tell you what I do at work because of all these social media rules and I really don’t want to break one and go to like jail or something – yes real jail. (Not reallly, my job is not that cool, obviously, I did major in accounting after all). The metaphor I typically use is “making pancakes” when referring to said work in the social media realm. It’s a very fitting metaphor, and I believe I have used it on the blog-o before. Anyways, I am a consultant for a pancake company. There is a big pancake factory (PF) and a smaller, kind of bastard child pancake factory. We have been helping out mama PF for a few years and operations have improved a lot. They make a shit ton of pancakes. Like every size and every damn flavor you can imagine. So we are trying to help them standardize and make sure they can track all the pancakes they make… yada yada. 

Now we are in a stage with mama PF and baby PF, called taste testing. Except we don’t get to taste anything in real life (although we did get free pizza today for working late, win ledo’s veggie, lose team secretly judging me for wanting veggie and not meat lovers). So we are having mama and baby make a lot of pancakes and then we test them to make sure they taste all right. Problem is we have to wait on Aunt Jemima with the syrup and the people giving us the floor and so the list goes on and the sun sets and all that. 

Oy. I am tired. I just talked about pancakes for way too long. You know who makes a mean pancake from the mix that allows you to just add water is… my boyfriend.



( Good Luck before a big cheer event ! )

Besides the pancake eating, there has been snow in DC… not quite like the last time there was snow in DC:



( Snopocalypse )

Also I have been being a total drama queen. I blame the lack of planner, and the cold and my lack of working out… the weights should be getting all this drama. And all this drama:



( Honestly, there are no words )

Wish me luck in picking the pieces back up and making this week end on a solid note. Cheers to the freakin weekend. 

~ by Meels on Wheels on January 25, 2013.

3 Responses to “WWW: Didn’t you know? Pancakes are in Season.”

  1. freaking weekend, amen to that

  2. Hope your week ended on a high note 🙂 && ps. you & your boy are adorable ❤

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