Different City

I’m on a bus on my return from NYC. In an attempt to avoid all contact with the outside world on Inauguration Day, I decided to leave tonight rather than risk sitting in lots of traffic tomorrow. I was visiting one of my best friends from college, Genna and got to spend some time with her friends (who are great) and her boyfriend, who I had only met once before. Friday night, I arrived, feeling less aggravated about my computer and my shitty day, to meet Genna and Alyssia (the college crew) for drinks at the Guilty Goose. Genna was saddened to hear they had no liquor, and I wanted to tell the bartender you should always hide vodka, you never know when you will need to sterilize something. (Obviously Grey’s Anatomy has taught me well. I can basically perform procedures with a toothpick, vodka and a straw). It was great to catch up with the girls and then Genna and I began the trek back to Long Island. We rolled in around 200 and immediately went to bed. The next day was filled with lunch with Will (the boyfriend), walking to get our nails done, chilling out at the house, ordering Chinese Food, and this: monopoly

( My cards on the bottom, Will’s on the top )

One should never play monopoly with a caffeinated accountant (it was a two cup kind of day). Couple that with an accountant whose parents are in real estate. Mind you, my Dad made me cry several times while playing this game until I learn to buck up and beat him. I think it only might have been that one time, but that day where he monopolized the entire board when i was EIGHT, still sticks in my mind. It was probably good for me in the long run, as I became an accountat and made him proud :).

That night two of Genna’s friends were celebrating a birthday so the whole crew took cars, LIRR and a limo (only 7 dollars a person!) to get to the Village Underground to celebrate.


( Ballin’ Out )

This night included bud lights for 6 dollars, an awesome DJ, and even more awesome band complete with rapper and three amazing singers (all sexy african american chic ladies), lots of dancing and lots of forgettting all of Genna’s friends name. It may or may not have ended in getting escorted out (a nice phrase for kicked out) and taking refuge in McDonald’s with some french fries. Mind you, I was not the reason for the boot out of the bar (the culprit will remain anonymous at this time). We took the 2:53 train back to Long Island which was an experience as hundreds of people were taking this train and we did NOT get seats. Womp. We rolled into the house around 4am, something I have not done in Loooooooooooong lonnnnnng time. However, it was super fun and I had never been out in New York.

Today was pretty chill, I woke up at twelve, something that has occurred like once in the last 6 months. We had breakfast and watched part of a movie and then I WENT ON A RUN. I know, I exercised on vacation. I feel it has to be documented. It was so nice to run not in the city. And in a place I had never been before and IN NEIGHBORHOODS. Clearly this was a great experience all around.


( DA Burbs )

The rest of the day I hung out with G, boyfriend and her rents. I won in monopoly again (it was a little sad) and then shipped off on the LIRR again to go back to Penn Station.

Now I thankfully have tomorrow off to get back on a normal sleep schedule and do things around the apartment. And by do things around the apartment, I mean play the new Super Mario Bros game for Wii that I just bought in the Kmart in Penn Station. Let’s just say Matthew is very very happy.

To best friends and cities I love. To video games and pajamas.


~ by Meels on Wheels on January 21, 2013.

2 Responses to “Different City”

  1. gosh jealous, I keep saying I am going to spend a weekend in nyc but still have yet to do it

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