I know, I know, slacking on the wildness happening at work. There were holidays and then holiday recovery weeks for like the past month. And we have been busy! Thus there has been less wild, more work (how very lame of us).

Instead of this I am providing you some quick tricks I have learned in excel. I know this is super lame, but I swear if you ever have to work in excel / other office programs you will thank me someday.

The Best Trick

Normally when you press enter in excel it takes you to the next cell. How do you put something on the next line?



That looks so nice right?!


As you may or may not know, the purpose of excel is to allow you to quickly manipulate and analyze data. I feel like this is making my job sound like an absolute drag, but I swear this is not what I do all day. If you have worked in excel before you know that you accomplish this by using functions. The usual suspects are SUM (add a bunch of stuff), AVERAGE (find the average of a group of numbers) and MEDIAN (find the median). But functions can do almost anything.

A few of my current favorites (and yes, in my line of work it is perfectly normal to have favorite functions in excel)…

COUNTIFS: allows you to ask excel for criteria in multiple columns

Say you have a column that has the state people live in and the town. You can count how many of those members live in Hingham, MA (my hometown). While this sounds lame… imagine there are 10000 lines of this stuff and you had to count them by hand. (Also this is not what I do, but Countifs is super nifty.

IF: allows you to create IF, then statements.

IF(A1=Hingham, YES, NO) translates to if cell A1 is Hingham, list YES, if it is anything else then list no. Simple, but very effective.

COUNTA: see if a list of things has text or doesn’t have text

For example if you have a list of people in one column and a list of their addresses. You want to see how many phone numbers you have, then you use COUNTA to figure out each address row has text in it.

Nifty Little Tricks

Did you know…

….you can hide a sheet by right clicking and choosing hide?

…if you select sheets by holding down shift and clicking on multiple sheets you can make a change to one and it will affect all of them?

… you can protect a sheet so no other users can make changes to it unless they have the password? ( I love this one 🙂

…if you want to put an excel sheet into ppt or word you can paste a table as a picture?

…this is really really fun?

Enjoy these tips and although I am still learning, if you have a q just ask or better yet GOOOGLE. That’s how I learned A LOT.





~ by Meels on Wheels on January 17, 2013.

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