Is this FOR REAL?


You know when you jump into working out right after New Years and then can’t sit up in bed because your abs hurt so damn much. Well my abs hurt that much from hurling for 36 hours straight. Yeah, I got poned by the stomach flu.

I dragged my sorry ass into work today and logged a solid nine hours since I have not worked in ten days and had a lot of catching up to do. Tomorrow will likely be a longer day as well. While this sounds sucky, I am actually really excited about some of the work we are doing and becoming more involved in different parts of the project. Call me lame, I can’t hear you because this is a blog.



( Reason for the stomach flu, 27 kids on my flight home)

Anywho… does anyone remember the feeling of getting your christmas presents and then leaving to go to your aunties and being sad you couldn’t play with them. I feel that way about my uggs (thank you Falkenhams), my watch (thank you mommmmmy) and an assortment of other gifts (thank you tree and dad). ALSO, I got this awesome blanket from the Falkenhams (the bf’s fam) and I wish I was snuggling under it right now. Apparently during this stomach flu, I lost like 6 lbs and some body fat. I am now freezing and missing my extra fat. So I ate four oreos to try and gain some back.

Yeah, I don’t really do the it’s New Years, let’s not eat. Although I did do the it’s New Years and I’m losing my stomach.

Woah, this post is random (welcome to my subconscious).


( Would rather be here )


~ by Meels on Wheels on January 4, 2013.

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