Florida by the Numbers

7… Number of people in my family that made it to Florida via car, plane, car again. No hiccups in security despite all my siblings asking me several times if they had to take their iPods out of their carry ons.


( Airport by 6:15 to catch our 8 am flight )


( Coming into West Palm Beach, FL )

3… Technically the number of bedrooms in the condo we rented from family friends.

3… Also the number of beds in condo. That could have been ugly but I took the couch, the smallest munchkin was on some deck furniture (hey, it looked pretty comfy) and Lex rotated between the crappy pull out couch and the floor by my side. (we girls have to stick together after all).

84… The high on Saturday, easily the best weather of the week.


( Dad and Johnny Boy chilling in the sunshine )


( A pause from football for a picture )

62… Unfortunately the low for the vacay even though temps stayed in the 70s with a lot of wind blowing.


( Docks by my Uncle’s Restaurant )



( The pier, we ran here almost every day on vacay )

45… The max speed Alexis and I hit while jetskiing on Saturday. It was wild. Luckily, we didn’t lose any passengers or flip that thing along the way. Although we were instructed on all the ways to flip the thing back over. Um, no thanks that’s why I have three brothers and a Dad. Also, before even boarding the jet ski I had to take a boating test! Luckily, out of the 28 questions, I only missed two, but still, this is pretty strict!

4… Dinners/Lunches out without any issues. I really love it that the kids are real people now. No more high chairs for this crewwww.


( Hog Snapper, a local fish, a la Oscar style )


( Obscene cake ordered at our last dinner )



( About 3-4 minutes later )

.75 lbs of Alaskan King crab ordered by my 9 year old brother at dinner.




It was a great trip and I will be posting more about Christmas soon. As far as those resolutions go, I have been in bed with the stomach flu trying to figure out what this means about my 2013.







~ by Meels on Wheels on January 2, 2013.

4 Responses to “Florida by the Numbers”

  1. your little bro knows how to order them, love crab legs. I am jealous you got some beautiful weather and sun, beats the cold of Ma.

  2. Family time is the best time. I hope you feel better soon, girl!

  3. I love reading Abt ur adventures and seeing how all the kids have grown up! Even Sami! Btw loved Sami’s Face at 6am picture at airport! Lol ready to rip someone’s hair out? Great memories for u all. Your siblings obvi adore you and your time together. I have a funny feeling ur the “best big sister”. Love to all xo

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