WWW: “Happy Holidays”

The best part about this edition of wild work wednesdays this week is that I did not go to work today. Yeah I played hooky. BUT NOT REALLY. We are allowed 6 free days in our career to take exams and that is the time I used today for my CPA EXAM. BTW – this exam totally sucked, I may or may not have cried in the middle a little bit (don’t judge me!), and then got a bruegger’s bagel afterwards as a prize for holding back sobs in quiet testing room. Just in case you are wondering, between 4th and L where I live and 16th and L (the testing center) there is no Bruegger’s. I came out of the testing location and walked five blocks in the wrong direction to 21st and L before I realized I was so totally wrong. FAIL.

Murrrry Christmas

This week at work I walked into the office to see a huge Merry Christmas sign strung across the room. There were also various governments employees teetering on the wheelie chairs we have and hanging ornaments. I guess the gov goes Christian for the holidays? I thought the gov was the reason we were becoming politically correct. I have never seen myself as a politically correct person but some part of me wanted to light a little plastic menorah for the fellow Jews. 

Later in the week things got more entertaining. They are having a door decorating competition between the different departments. We are accounting and budgeting so naturally our door has a gigantic money tree. Like probably hundreds of monopoly esque dollars forming a Christmas tree. I really don’t think Jesus would do this, but I guess this was not a WWJD moment.

Needless to say, I only hope that the Christmas/Holiday whatever food is as good as the Thanksgiving feast we had. I hear we are getting Boston Market – and for all of you young people reading this and judging for being excited about unpolitically correct things and semi good food at work – YOU WILL ALL EVENTUALLY UNDERSTAND!

Also the door decorating and all the food eating might be the reason why we are about to fall off that fiscal cliff.

I might push myself off that cliff if I have to hear about it anymore.



( Ale and I, Being Sassy? )


~ by Meels on Wheels on December 6, 2012.

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