City Living: Squash Matches

So it’s the weekend. You have a job. What do you do next? (The answer for me would be study, but since i take my test TOMORROW, hopefully there will be none of that anymore).


( The View from Gallery Place S Bucks )

Obviously your answer is: Attend a squash match. Le duh.

I love doing things on the weekends. Even though I want to be a slug, I drag the bf or the friends (they require less dragging, being smaller and more willing to go shopping) out into the city. This was Matthew’s idea though since he is the head strength coach for the Men and Women’s squash teams at George Washington. Apparently they are both very good, the Men being ranked 17th in the country and the Women 12th. These meets were especially important for their rankings.

I have never seen squash before so I was interested, but kind of thought it would be lame. It is not lame! It is like up against a wall tennis with the crazy tiny little ball that could literally take out your eye at any time. For rules and a better description, see here:

Also, a strange part about Squash is that you are constantly ranked among your team mates. So the best player of your team will play the best player of the other and so on. While this is mentally a little harsh on the players, I can see why it works because there is a huge range of skills since many college kids don’t begin the sport until high school.


( The Arena – SUPER SMALL )

IMG_0739( Ready for Play )


( GW vs. Bates)

Yes you will notice there are several Arab (specifically Egyptian) players. Apparently the sport is huge over there and they begin playing at a very young age. It definitely shows!

GW lost against Bates but went on to win against #5 UPenn later that day!

For schedule:


Have fun this weekend!



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One Response to “City Living: Squash Matches”

  1. that is pretty hilarious, some of my college friends were super into squash but I just didn’t get it. the game kind of scared me.

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