Thanksgiving: No Tears, No tangles

I think I may still be full from Thanksgiving dinner (and the many many desserts). For the first time ever, I had a WARM thanksgiving. Really warm, like 75 degrees warm. This meant you didn’t have to bundle up for T-day touch football. It also meant it was sunny and beautiful all day and we could EAT OUTSIDE.

This year I spent Thanksgiving in Atlanta with all these people:

thanksgiving crew


Six of those are my cousins and four are international students that go to school with my cousin Danny. We also let the adults in on our thanksgiving, mostly because they can cook (my mom plus five aunts and uncles). This photo was taken after a seriously intense football game where I missed every pass thrown to me but redeemed myself by throwing a touchdown pass. (It was pretty awesome, but no one saw it!!).

It was really fun to spend thanksgiving with so many young people. It was even better to spend it with people who had never eaten thanksgiving food before. My Aunt’s stuffing was by far the favorite of the international ladies. My mashed potatoes were up there as well.

Like I have mentioned in previous posts, sometimes our family has more drama than the Kardashians. Luckily this Thanksgiving was “no tears, no tangles” and will go down in history as BTE 2012. – “Best Thanksgiving Ever”. It is so nice to enjoy family and new friends. I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving. We can only see what Christmas will hold, hopefully I will recover from all the pie by then.

fam time


(Danny, Samir [Brother], Brett, Me, Marina, Faith, Alexa )


~ by Meels on Wheels on December 2, 2012.

2 Responses to “Thanksgiving: No Tears, No tangles”

  1. i just have to say holy shiz how old faith is. I still remember her as that little curly haired girl. glad you had such a great thanksgiving. going to hingham for xmas?

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