Wild Work Wednesdays: Turkey and Cheerleading Ethics

Holiday weeks are the best weeks at work. First of all, we got a thanksgiving feast on Monday for lunch for 5 dollars. All the food was catered from Harris Teeter, which I have never been to, but is apparently awesome. Turkey, ham, prime rib, chicken legs, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, pies – you name it, it was served, with gravy on top. It’s funny how much work gets into thanksigivng. Like every leader in the firm has sent me a message thanking me for my time. I want to be like “Thanks for da job home”. This is probably how I would talk to a partner, upon meeting them.

WWW: That’s What She Said

Do you ever get the urge to follow up a coworker’s comment with “that’s what she said”? Well I do. This week a similar comment occurred on the way to lunch. I was explaining to the males the rules of cheerleading – or how they are not governed by the NCAA. We have different academic rules and that’s why people can cheer later into their twenties. My coworker (boss, really) responded with “so can you pay for performance?” I obviously took this comment to the gutter and replied “you want to elaborate on that statement”. I’m not even sure what he meant now… something along the lines of many players are being caught driving land rovers, which obviously is against the rules.

~ by Meels on Wheels on November 21, 2012.

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