Da Wheels on the Bus

Da Wheels on the Bus

Every morning I have about a 45+ minute commute. I used to whine about this and then I realize there are employees on my project coming from Chantilly and Baltimore. Um, that’s a hike. Well, normally I am doing one of three things on this commute:

  1. Studying flashcards so I don’t fail my last CPA exam
  2. Listening to an audio book (currently it’s Les Miserables, in prep for the movie)
  3. Attempting to keep my coffee from spilling all over my outfit (this should be an Olympic sport)

This morning I did not want my commute to end. I know, this is strange. Normally in the morning I want to get to work ASAP because right now I’m capped at 40hrs/week so therefore I get in at 800, leave at 430. I know, this is awesome. So back to this morning… I sit down next to a woman on the metro and since Matthew and I walked to Gallery Place metro together I did not have my headphones in quite yet. This woman says good morning to me. I think my mouth dropped open. I have not heard people speak on a morning metro ride since I started my job two months ago. So naturally I say Good morning back, TGIF, because this is normal Friday lingo at the office. We get to talking, she asks me about my thanksgiving plans, and we discuss our travels in Europe, and how she spent August in London (for the Olympics) and Paris with her eight year old god son. In a word: presh. And then BAM, we were at Pentagon station and I had to run off and leave my commuting buddy behind.

Next, I pile myself aboard the DoD shuttle with contractors, government employees and usually a bunch of sailors. The bus is always blasting the heat and puts me into a mini coma as it drives to the building I work at. Also this bus is a school bus, which means I go to work on a school bus – hence the name of this post. I’m pretty sure I nearly fall asleep every morning, with my fur hood on my head. Thank god there are people waiting to wake me up if need be. I did not want to leave this mini morning coma at all.

Somehow though, I manage to drag myself and suffer through Friday. Yes, Friday requires suffering.

Every weekend should be a three day weekend.

( This is how I feel about 3daywknds. You’ll notice none of my photos match my posts. )

The hills are alive with the Sound of Music.



~ by Meels on Wheels on November 18, 2012.

One Response to “Da Wheels on the Bus”

  1. oh man jealous of that three day weekend. i can’t wait for wed to come so I can go home for a quick three day s

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