Wild Work Wednesdays: Crickets

So nothing cool rhymes with Friday. Therefore friday posts about work are shifting to wednesdays. I thought about getting involved in What I Ate Wednesdays (WIAW – which I like to pronounce WEEWAH in my head), but honestly my dinners are usually the only interesting thing and they will pop in on the blog on their own. My coworkers already judge me for my lunch box, if I started snapping pics they would be totally confused. Did I mention they are allll men? Like, all of them.

Lunch Topics Today

1. The amazing race and how two of my team members wanted to join up. You have to make a video and I believe the value (had it been made) would have been priceless.

2. Everyone’s obsession with Colorado. I asked why. Marijuana was just legalized. Oh, duh.

3. The cheerleaders at one of my coworkers college. Apparently at the start of every semester they would be chain smoking to try and lose weight. I followed up with I would just yell at my flyer every time she ate cake (Sorry Lori, if you’re reading).

4. What we would do if we won the lottery. One comment: “I would do the amazing race, without all the puzzles”. Another comment: “I would move down south, fish and grow tobacco, among other things”.

5. Football. There is always football. AND FANTASY FOOTBALL. Fantasy is slowing becoming its own sport and it scares me. Also – college basketball has started, thought I escaped that one but not quite.

6. Seinfeld. (Because it can find its way into any conversation).


Lately we have been having meetings with experts to finalize something we have been putting together (I know, so vague, but I hold all the gov’s secrets – can’t be giving them away). We have been on conference calls with like 20 people at a time. Many times we will ask a question and no one says anything, and I get the urge to blurt out crickets. As in, it is so quiet we can hear the damn crickets.


( Excited to see these people next week for T-day, among other fammmm )

[Mom, Uncle, Aunti, and Cousin Marina]



~ by Meels on Wheels on November 15, 2012.

6 Responses to “Wild Work Wednesdays: Crickets”

  1. ha, the work stories are always crazy. it still blows my mind you work with all men. I can’t freaking wait for thanksgiving either

  2. Dear Camille,

    I am in fact reading this, and I just finished eating cake. If they need me to fly at nationals again I’ll just take up chain smoking.


    P.S. I decided that if I ever move back to Long Island and start a blog, I’m going to call it LI on LI.

  3. I too am reading this and I highly enjoy the work stories. Keep em’ coming Cam cam!

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