Working Girl

Working girl, not “working the corner” like the ladies on K street.


 ( My Outfit, 1st day of training in Dallas )

I know, twice in one week and then I will drop off the face of the planet. I wanted to share some small anecdotes from work. I will think of something nifty to call Fridays and we can all share weird stories about our co-workers. Remember, it’s all about relationships… they have been hammering that into our heads since day uno.


This is quick little story about a run-in I had in the hallway earlier this week. I was simply trying to walk down the hallway to get some more tea, when BHAM velour sweat suit, socks with sandals cuts me off. Like, ok you are old, you work for the government, the excuses are numerous, just don’t use them. By the way, I have daily interactions with horrible wardrobes, to the point of where it is painful. Also I have an all male team so there is no one to share my horror with.


This is an older story, but still entertaining. A few weeks ago, the guy who sits next to me brings in a two pound bag of chocolate. Ok, it’s Halloween season, not so weird. He goes around and offers it to everyone on the team he works with and then plops down and proceeds to eat like seven mini Hershey bars while I salivate in the cube next to him. Like, WTF? Every day since then, until the bag ran out, I would contemplate reaching my hand around the cube walls while he was in a meeting and stealing some choco swag. Never got the guts to do it. And he’s reaalll weird.

Also, might I mention that my personality has come out at work. No one was prepared.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Give thanks to our vets.


~ by Meels on Wheels on November 12, 2012.

One Response to “Working Girl”

  1. dude I want to hear so much about your work, this makes me seriously wonder about who you work with. velour sweatsuit? at a professional job? what????

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