The average cantaloupe weighs between 4 and 9 pounds

Hello dear readers… I vanished into a world of work, happy hours, and studying. I am now coming up for air as many of my required duties to the firm have calmed down and I pushed my final exam back to December. I miss blogging! I know I wasn’t doing it that regularly but I love reading other blogs and I like to look back and remember what I was doing a few months back. It all becomes a blur pretty fast. Anyways, another blogger that I started reading is doing a 21 days challenge and I am semi-participating. I am a little behind but I am challenging myself to write some more things down!

Recently, I weighed myself to find out I have gained four pounds since starting work. Four pounds, no big deal right? First of all, that is the weight of a small cantoloupe and the pieces of that lope have set up camp in stomach/ass regions. And now all my pants are tight. See the 5’ 1” people of the world cannot gain four pounds and feel the same. This is not fair. If any of you were around for the Europe blog era back in 2010, you know that I ate my body weight times twelve in croissants every day and it did not end well for my jeans. Needless to say, healthier choices are in play and fitness is working its way back into the mix.

In other news, I now live in the real world, you know pay rent in all that. I wish rent was free and I think Obama should work on this in the next four years. Oh yeah, new old president. Good times.

More to come.


~ by Meels on Wheels on November 8, 2012.

One Response to “The average cantaloupe weighs between 4 and 9 pounds”

  1. this makes me happy! really happy!

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