Work Hard, Play Hard

Right now I am wearing some spandex shorts and Matt’s old lacrosse shirt, a typical studying outfit. I just washed off all my make up and pulled my hair back. However, unlike most weeks, this was not my outfit for the entire day while I slaved away studying accounting. Every day this week I have gotten up between 6:00 and 6:30, dressed up in “work clothes”, made my hair look tame and put on make up … to go to work.

While like most at AU I did have an internship, the most hours I ever worked that office job was around 25. A typical week was between 10-12. Of course I was busy the other hours of the week in class, at cheer practice and in the library doing homework (oh yeah, and at various places doing other various college things), but I never worked an office job for a forty hour week. I was never at the same place for forty hours a week. I know! How did I get hired? I am still in the process of figuring that out – don’t tell work. This week I have logged 32.5 hours, and there is still Friday.

This week mostly consisted of various training seminars, on our training and emailing all our new contacts in the firm. Unlike many of the new hires I have been assigned to a client and will be reporting there tomorrow! I am working within a department at the government on audit-readiness. Basically as a consultant I am working with a team to make sure that all their financial statements are prepared appropriately and they have supporting documentation when they are eventually audited. This is a big problem in the federal government that my company is helping them tackle.

A few things I am wondering about the workplace:

  • What is the appropriate length of mens’ pants? Really I think some one should set a standard because it appears to me that many young men are confused.
  • How many bathroom breaks are appropriate? I legit almost peed my pants during training because I drank a Dunkies Iced Coffee.
  • Why will no one tell me when we are getting paid? I have had three hours of training on how to report my hours, which you have to do every day in federal, but no one has given me specific information about pay day. Like hello, I’m broke and running out of things to wear to work.
  • Why do I get so hungry at work? I am not moving around, like at all. Apparently my rapid typing skills are burning a lot of categories.
  • Commuting questions: Why is metro so pricey? Why do people move like molasses in the afternoon, like don’t you want to get home? Does anyone else listen to audiobooks while commuting? If not, you should. This week I had a 40 minute commute door to but in office chair. I felt like this wasn’t so bad. It will probably be about that to my client site so not too shabby.
  • Is it appropriate to take shoes off under desk? I swear my feet don’t smell.

Good times. Hope all those “transitioning” people out there are having as much fun as I am. It’s dark at 6am – SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!


~ by Meels on Wheels on September 13, 2012.

One Response to “Work Hard, Play Hard”

  1. welcome to the working world lucky, my weeks are the same, hours are unreal. just pulled a 12 hour day today. woof. commuting is so freaking expensive, at least you are making money though – with all my bills I barely and really don’t make any. rough life.

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