3 Really Weird Things that My Family Does

1. Call their kids “dad” and their grandkids “sitty”. What does this mean? It means that more times than not my dad refers to me my siblings as “dad”. My grandmother (sitti in Arabic) calls us Sitti. My aunts call me Auntie and my uncles call me unc or uncle. I know, it’s really weird. My dad once addressed me as Dad in an email, an all time weird. I never realized this was even happening until I got to college and my roommates pointed it out. Then came the “dad” email and they were laughing their asses off about it.


( My Dad is on the Right, Crazy Uncle Eddy on the Left )

( August 2012 )

2. We put ice in our milk. None of my weird eating habits bother Matthew more than this one. First of all, I drink a lot of milk. I have cut back since I went to college and the milk was not as good. Since living near a whole foods I am addicted to Nature Valley Skim milk. It’s 4.49 a half gallon so I limit myself to one a week. However milk with ice and a brownie – stop, there is nothing better.

3. The males in my family enjoy driving their cars with the windows down and either the heat or AC turned on. Yes, I know this is why we have global warming, due to crappy enviro behavior like this. But, have you ever driven like this? You get the best of both worlds. I have never been able to enjoy this since my car has not had AC since purchase back in 2009.


( Cousin Erica, Auntie Lynne, Sitti, and Me @ Family Reunion )

( July 2012 )

Some more fun pics from my time at home will follow. Any weird family facts from my many loyal followers?



~ by Meels on Wheels on August 29, 2012.

One Response to “3 Really Weird Things that My Family Does”

  1. ICE IN THEIR MILK my dad would always make us do this, whenever he made us milk it was like a duh move. so crazy. oh jidoo and sitoo, my favorite.

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