Tribe Time

So this is my family:



( Dads Side )


( Moms Side )

My brother Samir and I are the repeats as you can see. Some people think we look like twins. Although sometimes they think he is older – this is what I get for being 5′ 1″. Anyways, I am about to embark (literally ten hour journey) on a week long trip to MA. Usually I complain about going home because it is usually crazy, my Aunt frequently claims “the Kardashians have nothing on us”. However this time I am really excited to unwind after the past 6.5 weeks of intensive studying (and about another 4 weeks before that, oh yeah and that degree I got in accounting). I am ready to celebrate passing my first two exams! I am also ready to think about something other than the test. I am ready to wear something other than sweatpants!

To get home I am taking a bus that picks up a few blocks from my place to Penn Station. Then I get on an amtrak train to head to a train station that’s about a ten minute drive to my house in MA. My dad is picking me up at midnight – probably an hour of the night he has not seen in awhile due to the two jobs and the five kids. Friday morning we head down the CAPE where we join the rest of the tribe (how my dad refers to all of us kids). I hope to get in some posts about fam this weekend and my beloved Cape Cod.


Enjoy the rest of your work week!


~ by Meels on Wheels on August 22, 2012.

2 Responses to “Tribe Time”

  1. could I be more jealous? have so much freaking fun!

  2. Aww you look so great at graduation. And you’re brother’s (or cousin’s) swim shorts are awesome! Go USA!!!

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