Getting back on the bike

Recently, due to a running injury, I got back into biking. Unlike running, biking barely aggravates my strained/stressed/whatever calf muscle. Due to my current Massachusetts insurance, DC residency and lack of a primary care doctor, I will not be able to see a doctor about this for a reasonable rate until OCTOBER. This is annoying because I start a job and will no longer have time for things like doctor’s appointments when I am working 70 million hours per day/week.

So I digress. I recently got back into biking. Last summer I was biking about 3-4 times  a week both on the stationary bike and my recently purchased (used) bike. I was training for a triathlon that included a 12 mile ride, the first 3-4 miles of which contained the grueling hills of Webster, MA (way western Mass, basically another country to me since I grew up on the South Shore, south of Boston on the water). I went into triathlon training right before Memorial Day weekend and trained up until July 24, day of the tri.

Unfortunately, the day I finally bought my bike around the last day of June, I fell right off of it. It was the first day I had it, and I had not had a bike for two years since mine had been stolen. Cape Cod, where I was training, is relatively flat so I convinced the BF to take a 10 mile training ride with me. I think I told him it was actually five miles and since we does not have a great perception of distance – this worked. About 7 miles in, a measly three miles from home, I went flying on to a sidewalk and the bike went out from underneath me. Luckily my hands and my helmet broke my fall, or else my face would have been MESSED UP. My hands were totally scraped up, my leg was a mess and I was crying laid sprawled out like road kill. Yeah, not one of my finer moments. The sun was going down, and I somehow pulled it together to ride back the last three miles to Matthew’s house. His mom had to wash out all my cuts since none of my parents were answering their phones. Cue tears – again not my finer moments.


( a few days after the fall )

After this I could barely walk on my leg, let along SWIM BIKE RUN 6 days a week. The tri was less than 4 weeks  away and I was so bummed. I finally got back on the bike about a week later when I could bend and use my leg a lot more. I was scared. It was the worst feeling. I hated that feeling in the pit of my stomach that was pushing me to get off the bike, slow down, stop. I got through those training rides, including 12 miles at my Mom’s pace (a seasoned vet on the bike) and eventually got through the tri with a time of 56 minutes, pretty good, but not great. It is hard coming back from any set back, any fall, but it can be done.

I’ll take any route recs if you are a DC resident!

Enjoy the last precious hours of the weekend. I will be studying stockholder’s equity :).



~ by Meels on Wheels on August 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “Getting back on the bike”

  1. I can’t wait to get my bike here, I am sick of walking everywhere!

  2. Oh my gosh! Falling off bikes is the worst. I think it’s because you know you’re falling for so long and can’t do anything about it. That’s a killer raspberry.

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