I know I may look like a trust fund baby…

Just a quick story so you know I am still alive… although I live in constant fear of falling into my Financial book and not being able to crawl out again. Lately, I have been super lame. Due to an Italian disease: the funsalow (read: funds are LOW), I haven’t been able to partake in many city adventures. The roomie (BF) and I both don’t start getting paid until September which means we have to keep the outings that are not less than free to a minimum. Yes, don’t let my sweet apartment, Dooney and Burke bag and day time yoga fool you, I do not have a trust fund. (but I totally wish I did, because this life without studying, I could get used to real fast). Although I am pretty sure the lady at the front desk is starting to wonder what I do up here all day. If anyone asks tell them I am writing the series that will rival Harry Potter (Matthew and I have been watching the series – because you know its mostly free). Basically all of our money goes towards food. So exciting. We actually love food and since there is a safeway across the street, this works out nicely, but it still not as exciting as exploring all the eateries we are near. 

Luckily, even though I am out of commission for running (finally going to Docs for incessssant lower leg pain) I found a living social coupon for Yoga. Did you know living social has a building like 6-7 blocks from where I live? I did not know either. They do all these random events there like wine tastings and cooking classes and yoga! Normally, I do not like yoga that much, but I knew I needed some deep stretching. Since I used to be a cheerleader, I am used to at least 15 minutes of stretching almost every day.

Also used to be able to do this…



Anyways, I think a lot of these running issues are coming from a lack of good stretching. I know I’m so bad. This yoga class I took today though was awesome. She went at a great pace and really focused a lot on core and hips and less on arms (which I like because I am way too close to a 5′ 1″ line backer already, also due to the cheerleading). Also this living social deal was 15 dollars for FIVE CLASSES!! This is insanity. Usually yoga is 15 dollars for one class. Now I am paying three! So despite hating the clearing of the mind any person who can take my mind off the CPA for an hour deserves way more than 3 measly dollars. 

Post dedicated to 918 F St.



~ by Meels on Wheels on August 15, 2012.

One Response to “I know I may look like a trust fund baby…”

  1. I feel ya, I need money so I can start having fun. spending it on rent, food and metro is lame. so lame.

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