“I hate a love hate relationship with…”

This is a phrase that we use a lot! Ok, at least I do. Currently I am “love-hating” studying, blogging, the weather among other things. I know, how can you love studying? Studying has a beginning and an end. It has a clear path that if you want to pass, you take. Even though it’s hard (hate that!), it is clear (love that!). I’m also pretty sure, judging by what I have read, that there are many out there that have a love hate relationship with their blog. I know I do. I love it when a good post pops into my head and I am able to remember it and write about it somewhat concisely. I hate it when it feels like I’m trying too hard or I’m sad I have no followers. Womp womp.

We all have love-hate towards our bodies which leads to love-hate at the grocery store. However, I was presently surprised on Matthew and my visit to the grocery store (Whole Foods) yesterday. For some reason, I wanted shrimp scampi so we set off on the .6 mile (short but sweaty) walk to Whole Foods as it is the nearest supermarket. We bought ten pre cooked shrimp for 2.60 and about 12 stalks of asparagus for another 2.50! Whoever says you can’t get bargains at WF, is totally wrong. You just might not want to buy everything there (like their nuts are crazy priced along with their cakes… although the raspberry cheesecake is worth 500 dollars in my opinion). 

So we went back to my love hate kitchen, this is currently super HATE because the kitchen is not air conditioned and the window unit AC does not “float” into the kitchen as the realtor told us it would. (Yeah, we are moving to a place with central air.) So it is super hot to cook anything and we can no longer eat in our breakfast nook for fear of passing out into our dinners.

Anyways, modified recipe from

1/2 Cup Chardonay

4 tablespoons Olive Oil

3 tablespoons Butter (umm… see where this is going)


Red Pepper Flakes

Salt / Pepper

3 Minced Garlic bits

Simmer garlic, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper, olive oil and butter in large skillet for a few minutes. Add Chardonnay for about 2-3 minutes. Add precooked shrimp. 

Meanwhile, boil linguine (we use about 1/2 pound). Then add to skillet and let all the ingredients simmer for another 1-2 minutes. 

We grilled the asparagus on a grill pan (must have for any apartment) and those could be cut up and added too! 

Since most have these ingredients, you could say this meal cost $5.00… Although I would put estimates around 6-7 if you need to pasta or a spice. Fresh parsley did not make the budget but would have gone nicely and is included in the original recipe.

Shrimp Scampi Love


Squirrel Love (This is extremely rare, this is a mostly hate relationship since I came to DC)




~ by Meels on Wheels on July 18, 2012.

One Response to “Love-Hate”

  1. you crack me up, squirrel love. those things are crazy in the city, they have some balls for sure. glad you are moving someplace cool!

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