De-friending Jesus

Just after WordPress was congratulating for reaching a goal of 15 posts, I decided to drop off the face of the posting planet. With stuff going on at home and the CPA exam looming over my head (Thursday is the first of four d-days), I kept up with reading, but not with writing. I am still in search of a theme for this blog, but I am leaning towards “relationships”. I mean in the general way, dealing with people at work, dealing with family, with your significant other, your landlord (that bastard!). In a potential kick off to the theme, here’s a post on defriending Jesus.

About 6 months ago I became an avid defriender on facebook. As I move in to the working world and continually limit my public facebook access, I wanted to limit the amount of random people I friended drunk in college. I was tired of seeing a birthday pop up, clicking on the person’s profile and having zero idea who they were. So now I defriend people on their birthdays. I know this is cruel and unusual, but I don’t find it necessary to wish them a happy birthday, they probably don’t need access to my facebook.

I liked the limited version of facebook back in 2007/2008 that prohibited 13 year old middle school girls and my parents from dominating the social media site, and the constant question: “but how do I do this?” (Please read my friend Genna’s post about the topic of people thinking you know everything about technology solely because you are of “this generation”: I was one of the later people to sign on because it was one of the best ways to share photos. And then it took over our lives and probably caused the average cum GPA at most colleges around the country to drop significantly. Back to the “how do I do this?”…

Somewhere along the line, my auntie joined facebook mostly for work (yeah that’s what all adults say but they secretly love the news feed and the stalking as much as we youngins do). Now her newsfeed is being bombarded by daily affirmations from none other than JESUS. Yes, the lord’s child is popping into her facebook trying to to enlighten her day by day. So she asked me “can I defriend Jesus?” I’m not so sure where the defriending crosses the line. Personally, I am an avid watched of true blood and people get cursed all the time and I wouldn’t want to offend virtual Jesus. However I have defriended a number of annoying people from my graduating class and my ex boyfriend and who knows what their powers are.

Needless to say, I recommended she defriend Jesus because his virtual powers are probably weakened and I would not want bible verses showing up at the wrong time in my news feed smacked in between drunken photos of friends and absurd status updates.

In case you need some Jesus though (perhaps to remind you that drunken photos become frowned upon at a certain age) here he is: He recently got a name change from Christ to Daily.


~ by Meels on Wheels on July 17, 2012.

One Response to “De-friending Jesus”

  1. This really made me laugh… oh facebook.

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