new territory

I am currently following about ten blogs although hoping to increase this since I enjoy soaking up all the information that other bloggers provide. Recently I read a post from a blog called Will Run for Glitter called I Challenge You To: Rethink your Run and I somewhat ignored it. I don’t run to train. I used to run to burn off calories. Now, I just run because I feel like it’s a good thing and I actually grew really fond of it. However, when you run in the city at anytime you pass at least ten runners, a few bikers, a zillion cars, people on the sidewalk or at restaurants or in buses. It’s kind of intimidating. Plus, I get ridiculously hot when I run so I usually only wear a sports bra. (Yes, I wear shorts through the winter… craziness).

I never realized how much I thought about those people while I run. I never realized that I would increase my speed or try to smile or whatever it is I do to look faster, less sweaty, more motivated, more serious. So yesterday, I re-thought my run.

I went out for a run in the town that borders my home town. I had never run here before because in high school, I did not run. Ever. I just cut ten inches off my hair so I threw in a headband, threw on a sports bra and just hit the road. My aunt pointed me down a road that is not well traveled (this is important because this town’s roads are old and do not have sidewalks). I just ran, very slow and steady. I was running at the pace where I feel good – which is somewhere around a 10:30. Yeah I can run faster, with longer strides, but who cares? It was so quiet, only one car passed me until I turned on to a main road where I headed back to their house.

If you’re a runner, read the post and take the challenge. It feels really good!


~ by Meels on Wheels on June 28, 2012.

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