Oxymoron? Conundrum?

So I follow a lot of health, athletic, food type blogs since I find these topics interesting, but I have yet to write very much on how I eat, work out etc. Let’s just say, I always give in to Ben and Jerry’s but I try to eat clean as much as possible. After doing no processed foods challenge for ten days, I kept quite a few of the habits (good habits of course) but not as many as I would have hoped. Fast food is pretty much all gone… although there are times when I cave of course, but only to my fave – McDonald’s.

Today I studied for about two and half hours in the morning and then met Matthew at the gym around 12:30. Unfortunately between my study time and gym time, I had to talk to Bank of America. This always gets me worked up, as they can never solve my problems. I am changing banks in due time. Well being in the gym, once I get there and start doing stuff, always makes me feel better. Matthew and I started off with some very light stretching (definitely should have done some more… As I feel I am going to be sore tomorrow). Then it was straight into bench. Currently I am training for bikini season (totally qualifies as a race) and a Tough Mudder. Matthew is training for a power lifting competition come October so I follow his workouts partially but then add in some girly stuff. Unfortunately, I have had to give up running for awhile due it an injury so it’s all about the weights. Anyone who has ever taken up running though, knows it is hard to give up. A few days is fine, but skipping weeks, that’s tough. (and trust me, I’m not that serious, I prefer 5k distance at a 10:00 flat speed)

After the gym, I got on my bike to ride home in the 98 degree heat which is super enjoyable. I refuse to de-bike and only ride public transportation. As long as it stays under 100, I will be biking. Anyways, I have to ride past a variety of food places on the way home but the thing that will get me anytime is iced coffee, especially if it’s cheap. Cue the McDonalds. So I pull over at the golden arches planning to get a medium coffee, coming out with that and a medium French fry. So here I am riding my bike down the street, eating French fries out of the basket. Now I never quite understood when to use oxymoron, but this seems like the appropriate time. Aldo I felt like I should have been in a commercial for them.


~ by Meels on Wheels on June 21, 2012.

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