When the roles change, and then change again

Currently, I am over three weeks deep into a CPA review class. We have class four days a week and usually change instructors every two classes. Many of these instructors have given us advice about the exam or just general life advice as we go through this studying process. One of the people last week recommended that we warn those around us what the CPA is like. Tell them we no longer have time for things like making dinner, or cleaning the apartment, or weekends away. ME – not cook or clean? I am a housewife stuck in an accountant’s body.

Anyways, last weekend Matt cooked dinner two nights in a row and then I went to a friend’s for dinner. It was nice not to have to grocery shop, plan the meal, or make it (although I did some of the cleaning up). It was very relaxing. Although I love to cook, I am at a loss of how working women with children manage to “do it all”. I was enjoyed sitting down from a day of studying, working and “gymming” to a nice home cooked meal and or even some great left overs. I was totally ok with this change in roles in our relationship. Trust me, Matt cooks a decent amount (and it’s always good) but I definitely log more hours in the kitchen (and am less partial to take out!!).

Unfortunately, this past weekend Matthew took a nail through his right hand. OUCH! Poor baby. Now he has limited mobility in this hand for at least the next week. Thus, we have changed back! I had to cut up his chicken cutlets last night because he can’t grip a knife and fork at the same time.

This reason I am writing about all this, is changing roles and the ideas of roles in general has always fascinated me. We were assigned a huge project my junior year and could pick any topic in American history. I chose the changing roles of women over three distinct decades in the US and how Betty Friedan’s book “The Feminine Mystique” rocked our world. I love that I live in a world where I am studying for the CPA and no one even thinks the world glass ceiling, it’s just so broken we don’t have to consider it. I can have a relationship where myself and my man can change roles constantly and it’s natural and no one has to argue about it and people has stopped judging it.

Now, on to more studying (once What Not to Wear ends of course, I am still a girl after all).



~ by Meels on Wheels on June 12, 2012.

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