Cheese Fest

There is no way to describe in words to the recent high school graduate what college is going to be like. Reflecting back on these four years, words cannot describe the highs, the lows and everything in between that makes up the supposed “best years of your life”. Since I immediately started class again, it almost feels like I didn’t graduate, like there was no closure to the past four years. How do you look back on all the friendships, the classes, the games, the cheer competitions, the parties? How do you reconcile all of it? (Pardon the accounting terminology).

Well, I have been unable to as of yet. I know so many graduating high school this year, and the feeling is different. Get me the hell out of here! This town is too small, these people are boring the crap out of me, and I need to move on. College is different though, it seems like it was too fast. You think I have more learning to do, and I don’t just mean academic. Sure, I have learned a lot like what to do when you blow a fuse and how to navigate a city’s public transportation system. But, there is more. Like all that extra real life stuff that I feel like I should know. I haven’t figured out where to bring my dry cleaning and all that randomness. So I guess dry cleaning really doesn’t matter, but I really feel like crawling back inside to womb of college, far away from CPA review and the job world.

The reason I have been thinking about all of this way because I had the urge to watch Dirty Dancing the other day and I did. Recently I have had a lot of friends move away since graduation. “I owe it all to you” – can’t help but thinking it, even though I know it’s cheesy. Those people, the ones here and the ones who left really made those four years what they were. Things just would not have been the same without them, I would not have learned as much academically or personally without them. I am writing this post so I look back one day and know what they (and the college experience) meant to me.

“Because I had…



~ by Meels on Wheels on May 31, 2012.

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