I would swear to you that I am dreaming

This morning my alarm made the horrible noise that I have set it to at 8:00am. Yes, it is a saturday and yes, I am a college graduate (newly graduated). So why I am springing, or falling out of bed at this ungodly hour on the weekend. The CPA. 

Now some of you may ask… what is this acronym? It sounds so ominous and it is. In order to become a CPA (certified public accountant), you must take the test. And this is not just any test, it contains four parts, so four days of testing covering thousands of topics in accounting and business. You see why I want to die. Currently, I am enrolled in the class that is supposed to ensure me passing the test on the first go. Four days a week I listen to a speaker and highlight what he tells me to highlight, underline and circle in a book that is always supposed to ensure my success. Add another 30 hours of studying to that and you have CPA class. 

Now, the first two days this last week where it poured rain were simple. What else am I going to do? I don’t like rain – so I will study! Determined to conquer all the homework in one sitting proved to be an epic fail. The runner in me kicked, don’t sprint the CPA. You cannot sprint the CPA. Tedious memorization and slow painful steps are more of what is required.

That being said, it does not feel as if I have graduated. I just spent my last semester senior year enrolled in five accounting classes, and no friends, it is NOT OVER YET! Nevertheless, my posts will probably be a combination of me losing my sanity while simultaneously training for a few races, including a tough mudder. 

I think the term “brace yourself” (and me for that matter) is fitting. 



~ by Meels on Wheels on May 26, 2012.

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