Excuse me Fall, GTFO

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So I don’t know when DC summer decided to crawl into a hole and die, but I am not about it. Everyone is like oh it’s so lovely and I love the cool temps. VETO. Huge veto. While I enjoyed not dripping sweat on my AM one mile trek to the bus stop, I no likely the cold.

This leads me to the “fall, get the fuck out”, it’s summertime. LEAVE SUMMER ALONE.


I just wanted to share a story of this little mamasun (small, old Asian woman) that I have seen everyday this week. I switched up my schedule this week and I am now getting into work between 745 and 800 again, I got a little lazy during the summer months and started showing up at 830 and even SHOCK 845. So now that I have done this for five straight days, I have seen this little mamasun almost every time. She is so precious. I am pretty sure she is on her morning walk, but the best part is she is wearing a large white nike shirt that says “Too Fit to Quit” and is walking about 1 mile per hour. I need to snap a picture of her because its the cutest thing ever. Except for her lack of bra, that isn’t so cute.

Hope your weekend adventures are fun.

Take a walk, do some people watching 🙂



“You would win a triathlon for hungover people”

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Hola… Happy Monday (said no one ever).

So back to this triathlon training thing. 

On swimming: Slow and steady wins the race. I now feel comfortable swimming 20 minutes, which is about 4/10 – 1/2 mile for me. Feeling good about hitting the mile comfortably by the end of the month.

On biking: It has been determined that I need to buy a racing bike. Ouch, but kind of excited. I head out to Tri 360 in Falls Church today.

On running: Who knew interval training was the secret to success!? Ran 5.2 miles yesterday, hung over. Granted I felt like lead, but I still finished it up in 55 minutes. Also explored a new route which is always fun.

This brings me to the post title. My mom’s new boss thinks I am bat shit crazy for trying to train for an Olympic tri in 8 weeks. Without having swam for two years or run for 6+ months (due to injury), he is probably right. So I texted her on Sunday to tell him I just “crushed 5 miles hung over” to which he replied “you would win a triathlon for hungover people”, which is probably fairly accurate. Now i am kind of wishing this was a thing. The water wakes you up, you cruise on the bike and just struggle through the run and then eat A TON OF FOOD. 

That is my kind of triathlon… the one I’m signed up for, god help me.


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So way back when about this timeish last year, Tay Tay announced her tour dates. After going to her Speak Now concierto two years back with Faith (cousin), Kerri (friend) and Ally (friend of this friend), I knew I had to go again. At the time, my sister was dying to go, but she was only 9, not too young for tay tay, but maybe a little too young for awesome seats costing quite a bit.

When the Red tour rolled around, I figured the munchkin is nearly 11 and is still totally obsessed with Taylor Swift, I should buy tickets. But wait, who else wants to go? Faith, Kerri, plus two other cousins Kenz and Megan (younger sister, and turning a teenager just weeks before the Red Tour hit Mass) were definitely in, although many of them would be receiving tickets as a surprise. Eventually I got my butt online and tried to order reasonable tickets (failed) and ordered them anyways.

Then Christmas Eve came. Lexi knew she was receiving her birthday present then since I had not been home for hers. I stuffed the paper tickets into the Red CD case and wrapped it all up. The whole fam gathered in the living room, already knowing what the gift was and waiting to see the reaction. She opened it, kind of smirked, like “oh, I already have this and should like, totally know that”. So I urged her to open it, and then she went crazy! There was screaming, there were many tears of joy and hugging, and then I started to cry! It was a very emotional gift giving, tay tay experience. Of course, then she had to wait eight months to go to the concert!

Finally the day came and the six of us squeezed into a car for the trip up to Foxboro. Taylor gave a great show and there were more tears of joy from our crew.

group tay swift2

( Made super cute using instagram and picmonkey )

me and lex tay swift


( My favorite sista )

And yes, I am wearing a sequined red, white and blue cowboy hat.


Not sure why anyone allowed me to live alone.

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This morning, I guess my sink was draining after I brushed my teeth when suddenly it made what sounded exactly like a large man clearing his throat. It took my breath away, I froze and tentatively looked around. Ok, no man. Ok, peek around the corner…. wait, why don’t I own a bat? So I am seriously shaken about this and decide, well my teeth are brushed and the sink man is not coming out, so might as well head to work (and that’s what I did). 

  • I have noticed some other weird things about living alone:
  • I fear bugs even more than I used to. I am not prepared to kill one.
  • Frozen vegetables are a necessity, the real ones die too fast (and then I eat them anyways and that’s kind of gross). 
  • Living without cable and internet is a weird existence. 
  • Bookshelves are heavy.
  • Books are your friends. Music is your friend. Friends are your friends? See them lots.
  • Lock all locks all the time, every time. And then lock them again. 
  • The sink makes noises, learn to deal with this.
  • Buy a bat. And while I am at it, buy some matches and maybe a flashlight.

Lyrics I love lately:

ImageSmall triii update… ran 4 miles on Monday, biked 17 yesterday! Who would have thought…


“Looking in the rear view, swaggga going swell”

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Some tunes for you and a story about how stupid I can be sometimes…

I mean if that title isn’t good writing… I’m not sure what is.

Just popped on to write about how you should not bike ride on four hours of sleep and talk on the phone at the same time. I won’t lie, I talk on the phone via headphones sometimes while cruising in bike lanes (not the street, because they will inevitably lead to me getting hit by a car). So I am chatting away with Momsies because it was her birthday yesterday and just cruising along… suddenly I look up and I’m on the key bridge breezing towards M st.

The Key bridge connects you from Rosslyn to Gtown. I was trying to go from Arlington to the National Mall, I missed the 14th st. about two+ miles back the opposite direction. And now I was about to cruise into Georgetown in the peak of rush hour. Oh joy.

I know we have all been there… total brain fart… added an unnecessary 20+ minutes on travel… on MY BIKE.



On the way home (late!) to Crystal City, I managed to make the right move home. This was a bonus, because damn it got dark fast after softball!


Why being bored is scary.

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So the other day I’m plugging along through a slow week at work, and thinking about how I got super lazy this summer. I basically replaced all workouts (save bike riding frequently) with white wine. And while this has been great fun, the waist line is starting to feel it a little bit. Also I miss my exercise endorphins, as judge ALL you want, there is nothing like them. 

I’m poking around on the internet when a friend pings (IMs) me on our work chat system. “Hey, what do you know about triathlons?” Ok, maybe more than say your average Joe, but I trained for one, once, and it was a sprint tri. 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike, 3.2 mile run, all done in under two hours. I was nannying so there was plenty of time to train, and i did so for about 1-1.5 hours per day 5-6 days/wk. I had a training plan but I didn’t even own a bike until three weeks before the tri (which I ended up falling off of). So I pass along what I know and recommend some sites I have perused. 



( Triathlon, Western MA, Summer 2011 )

Then, I think, why aren’t I racing this summer? I have been biking like 40-50 mile weeks and I can get the swimming back fast. And the run? Who trains the run? Just bust that shit out at the end. Then, I lose my mind slightly more, sprint triathlons, those trix are for kids. I am going to race an olympic triathlon, the last one of the season, that happens to be 62 days from today. That’s enough time to train, right?

Holy crap batman. I am going to die. Not only am I going to die, but it’s going to be a first class struggle to (a) cross the finish line and (b) cross in under four hours because there is a time limit. So pretty much any time I want to watch TV in the next months, I should be training. I want to sleep in until 7am before work, I should be training. I have been told that a 1 mile swim, 26 mile bike and 6 mile is going to be no walk in the park. And that’s why they invented coffee and cliff bars my friends.

So training began Sunday with an easy 2.5 mile run, followed by 20 minutes of swimming on Monday. And today is a rest day because I have work til 730 and then dinner plans. (Yes, white wine is replacing training for one day this week… ok maybe two… who trains on a friday!).

As you know this blog is all sorts of random so expect to see some stories about me whining about running a mile and treating myself to chocolate after every training session. I am sure you will enjoy cheerleader/accountant takes on Olympic triathlon with only 60 days to train. I know I will. 




Living Young and Wild and Free

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At work we have an instant messaging system that allows us to only talk to people who work for our company. It’s both super useful for work and procrastination. My coworkers have told me when I type and they read my “pings” (IMs, messages), they read like I am talking to them. Somehow in the way I write, I channel “Camille” speak. Anyone who has heard me talk knows that I jump topics, occasionally drops a few Rs and am generally speaking with a tinge of sarcasm and a whole lot of excitement.

When I went back and read my first blog, the Camille speak is all over it. Through my travels in Europe and the three months after it (trying to lose the 15 lbs of croissant weight I gained), I wrote in another blog. It was called Meels on Wheels as I was very much in motion. Now I’m just a city gal, hitting the nine to five and trying to enjoy “Summer Camp”… this is what I am calling all the fun activities that one can afford to do in the summer with a job. (My summer camp involves a lot of biking, softball, pool and white wine.. just like when we were kids). And city life has its serious perks, getting to really enjoy the city and time with my friends and developing my career (oh blah blah to that one) are fun. But that meels on wheels side of things… it’s creeping over into CD in DC territory, tempting me with croissants and that time I laid out in the gardens outside the Louvre smoking a cig and reading off my ipad (Yeah, that happened). I think mostly Europe is calling out to me, strongly from the other side of the Atlantic. This may lead to this blog being named where is the world is Camille David?


( Italia )


 ( DC Ladies Night )

To adventures,